Replacement curtains

Replacement curtains

When choosing our caravan/motorhome or boat, the main thing we all look for is layout and comfort.  We all find ourselves compromising on something.

Well if you've compromised to live with those awful curtains with matching cushion covers then you are in luck.

Here at Tuck Me Under, not only have we got your bed covered, but also your windows.

We make to measure your curtains for easy replacement. We also make replacement cushion covers.  And we are adding new designs all the time.  If you have a colour on design in mind and can't see it on our website, do not despair, get in touch for us to discuss and send you some alternatives via email.

Mrs Hunt was sick of her old curtains and really fancied a change. She ordered our Aviemore Ochre range of curtains and sent us her old curtains for us to not only measure, but to also switch over the curtain hooks. This made it easy when she opened her new curtains to get straight out and fit them.
I'm sure you'll agree she matched her colours perfectly.
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