About Us

We are a family run company who want to give leisure customers comfortable sleeping alternatives.

Tuck Me Under was born from our own frustration as caravanners, we were sick of struggling to find fitted bedding for our french bed and bunk beds. 

And being a bit OCD, we hated seeing a messy bed. So we came up with our signature "Tuck Me Under" duvet cover design

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We make everything to order, nothing is "off the shelf", so it may seem frustrating to have to wait for your gorgeous bedding, please be assured, we want you sleeping in the bedding as quick as you do.

EVERY order that comes in to Tuck Me Under goes through a process of creating detailed job sheets so your bedding is made for YOU, it is not just a product you are investing in but a service from a devoted team of workers.

As we are not a drop-shipping or massive corporate giant we always give our customers the personal attention they require.

Feel sure that what you need we can assist with. So either email us at enquiries@tuckmeunder.co.uk, call us on 0333 7721038 or chat to us online.


Thanks for taking the time to read about us

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